D&J Machinery and Rigging is experienced in helicopter lifts. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide reliable heavy lifting to a range of industries, including construction.

We are committed to superior service, and our excellent safety record is the reason clients us turn to us to get jobs done right, every time.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to meeting your expectations of service, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

D&J Machinery and Rigging specializes in the heavy lifting industry, and extends this expertise to helicopter lifting operations.

Helicopter lifting can reach areas that cranes can not access, and is often a cost-effective solution.

Our competitive quotes, with no hidden costs, give you the security you business needs for planning and implementation.

All work is performed under high standards of precision, economy, and safety. Over the years, D&J Machinery And Rigging has routinely overcome the challenges of complex heavy lifting. We have acquired well qualified personnel ready to handle your helicopter lift operation.

To see how a helicopter lift could fit into your business plans, give D&J Machinery and Rigging a call today.