D&J Machinery and Rigging can meet the special challenges posed by recovery projects. Our experience in recovery work and specialized equipment allows us to complete projects in a safe and timely manner.

During a recovery, our team is cautious when salvaging critical equipment, minimizing expenses and losses.

When situations require more extensive recovery work, we work to maintain business without interruptions, and to secure the recovery site to prevent further damages.

D&J Machinery and Rigging can provide recovery services on an emergency basis. In most cases, we can respond to emergencies with a solution within 24 hours.

 As a licensed heavy industrial electrical contractor, we have the capability to accomplish emergency electrical repairs.

We can provide boarding and tarping services to minimize further damages during recovery work.

If needed, we can arrange security and fire prevention service to control a recovery situation.

D&J Machinery and Rigging can provide rebuild services for heavy machinery as well.

During emergency, you can count on us to understand your priorities for a recovery, and we have the expertise to minimize losses and interruption to your business.