D&J Machinery and Rigging has the capabilities to install, test, or remove overhead cranes, including monorail and hoisting units.

Our team of experienced and highly skilled individuals are dedicated to the management of overhead crane systems.

Our philosophy is to put you as customer first, working closely with our clients to determine a business’s unique needs, and then following through in the safest and most cost-effective manner.

D&J Machinery and Rigging can custom engineer an overhead crane solution for all types of indoor and outdoor applications. Our engineering team can design cranes to meet any industry challenge.

We also have pre-engineered cranes for low cost and rapid set-up.

Rigorous testing means your crane will function the way you expect it to, and we can also help you manage upgrades and routine maintenance tasks.

D&J Machinery and Rigging should also be your first choice for overhead crane projects. Our team has the expertise to remove heavy equipment safely, with little disruptions to your operations.