D&J Machinery And Rigging specialty fabrication services cover a wide range of manufacturing processes. We can offer you unmatched engineering and design services in a variety of industries.

Our expert fabricators have the know-how to turn your ideas into working machinery.

D&J Machinery And Rigging can see your specialty equipment through from design to fabrication to installation by our skilled work force.

You will work with our team of engineers and skilled tradesmen to ensure that your new equipment meets your needs.

We also specialize in installation of your heavy machinery once fabrication is complete, so you can turn to D&J Machinery and Rigging for a turn key solution to your specialty fabrication needs.

In addition, we are often called on to make modifications to existing equipment and material handling devices. If you are thinking of modifying existing equipment, we can work with you to develop the most cost effective way to go about it.

You can be confident that your machinery modification will be accomplished with little disruptions to your operations. We have a proven record of efficient, safe modification projects.